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K on K’s Comments About The Adidas Trial

in which we learn exactly what a blip is...

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Duke v Indiana
This has nothing to do with the press conference. It’s just a really funny picture with great body language.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

In his post-VUU comments, Coach K took a question about his previous comments about the Adidas case and corruption in the game. Here’s what he had to say:

“I said blip and I got into trouble. By the way do you know what a blip is? You know what a radar is? There’s a blip. My feeling. I’m in the military. What’s happening there is a blip on the total radar of 353 schools. It doesn’t mean it’s an inconsequential blip. If I don’t know other things on the radar, why is it wrong to say that? Why is it demeaning to say that? I don’t understand that.

“It’s not meant in disrespect to our game to say that what might be going on, until everything is proven and gone through, is a small part of our sport. I believe that. I believe it because I have not encountered that type of activity against us in recruiting. So why would I tell you it’s rampant when I don’t know it is?”

“Yes, it could be a bomb. It’s a blip. But it’s only happening there. Of course it concerns me. But also the truth concerns me. What is the truth? There are a lot of people who will say they lost somebody because somebody cheated. We haven’t lost a guy that way. So why is that minimizing it? I’m not trying to minimize it. That’s not good. But neither is something in other aspects of our society in certain areas.”

Sounds a bit different when it’s not just a sound bite doesn't it?

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