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Zion’s Impact Is Already Huge

He’s like no one else athletically and it turns out he’s also a heck of a basketball player.

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NCAA Basketball: Preseason-Duke at Ryerson University
Aug 15, 2018; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Duke University forward Zion Williamson (1) shoots for a basket against Ryerson University in a pre-season exhibition game at Paramount Fine Foods Centre
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

As Zion Williamson moves past high school people are rapidly figuring out that he is a huge and possibly transformational talent. He’s barely played in college - four public appearances counting Countdown to Craziness and the three games in Canada

In high school he was a pudgy athletic freak. This weekend, we learned that he’s down to 270 (from 285) and that he won a team award for being the best conditioned player. We also heard Coach K describe him as a guard.

Think about that: a 6-6, 270 lb. guard. Maybe for Duke football, but a basketball guard that size? It’s inconceivable - until now.

Here are some of the links we found discussing Williamson’s arrival on a bigger stage and what he’s done and what may be coming soon.

There are still concerns about the allegations made against Williamson's stepfather so we’re keeping an eye on that too. The most concerning article we’ve seen is this one, but as long time Mike Krzyzewski watchers, we know of players he’s walked away from precisely because they were a risk and we’ve known of steps he’s taken to make sure that his Duke program remains above board. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea clearly, but even his detractors have to recognize his organizational skills. So when he spoke of the way Duke vetted all of its recruits, both with the NCAA and independently, and that he’s confident that there are no problems, well, he speaks sincerely and with confidence. Obviously you can’t know what you don’t know, but the man does not get surprised very often.

There’s a second element here too which is also worth mentioning.

Throughout his career, Mike Krzyzewski has talked about what he learned from his mother and father and at the United States Military Academy (and yes, from Bob Knight). For those who have suggested that he has conveniently overlooked things to get players at this late date, that means that he would have to turn his back on the code of honor he inculcated at West Point and more crucially, that in his 70s, he abandoned the moral lessons his parents taught him and that he’s made the foundation of his character. We can’t imagine any circumstance that would lead him to essentially renounce his parents, any more than his late brother Bill, who never missed a single day of work as a Chicago fireman, would have.

You guys are really barking up the wrong tree.

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