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Duke’s First Public Scrimmage Highly Promising

This much is clear: no one is going to willingly step in front of Zion Williamson any time soon. It’s like stepping in front of a flying anvil

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Ball rack Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Duke held Countdown to Craziness Friday night and the meat of that sandwich was a scrimmage.

Coach K and his staff put Zion Williamson, Tre Jones Javin DeLaurier, Alex O’Connell and Antonio Vrankovic on the White team while R.J. Barrett, Cam Reddish, Jordan Goldwire, Marques Bolden and Jack White started for Blue.

Williamson shot 7-11 with four dunks for 14 points, including one power slam over Barrett who had the look of a guy who knew better than to challenge it, while Barrett finished with 23 but he took a lot more shots to get there.

Jones finished with no turnovers.

Cam Reddish didn’t shoot very well, nor did anyone else, but Reddish had a minor rib injury that limited his efficiency.

DeLaurier said afterwards that it irritated him that people didn’t guard him last year so he worked on his shot and it shows: he hit a pair of threes. Who’d a thunk it?

All things considered, it was an auspicious debut. There are weaknesses to be sure, but those will be addressed. Duke is in a good position to start the season.

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