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Bobby Hurley’s Brother Danny Is About To Step Out Of Everyone’s Shadow

The youngest Hurley has a chance to be the best

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Danny Hurley
Danny Hurley in his Seton Hall days

Honestly when he was in college we felt a little bad for Danny Hurley. Following his brother, Bobby, could never have been easy. Bobby was an all-time great college player, a brilliant point guard who got the opportunity to play with unusual freedom.

Tough act to follow.

And then his father was arguably the best high school coach in the history of the game. And a tough-minded disciplinarian who rode both of his boys hard.

So it was understandable that Danny had a tough time as a player.

As a coach though, he has soared. He’s had a meteoric rise from Wagner to Rhode Island and now he’s going to try to rebuild UConn after a near collapse.

You could call him the ugly duckling of the family in a sense although his family wasn’t cruel to him the way the duck family was in the story.

There’s no question that he’s bloomed though and as soon as he gets some talent in UConn will be back.

He’s never strayed far from his father’s sometimes difficult lessons and standards and through everything, he and Bobby have stayed incredibly tight.

We’d still like to see a Hurley-Miller event where Bobby and Dan take on Sean and Archie and then switch opponents. That would make for a fun annual weekend and some cool bragging rights.

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