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What Is The 5 Out Motion Offense?

Duke’s new system moves towards position less basketball

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NCAA Basketball: Preseason-Duke at Ryerson University
 Aug 15, 2018; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Duke University head coach Mike Krzyzewski talks with forwards R.J. Barrett (5) and Zion Williamson (1) during a time out in a pre-season exhibition game against Ryerson University at Paramount Fine Foods Centre. 
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

As you may have noticed in his Media Day comments, Coach K is putting in a new offense. But what exactly is the 5 Out Motion Offense?

You’ve probably seen it before because the Golden State Warriors run it. It moves more towards positionless basketball and is designed to open the middle for penetration (smile Zion, RJ and Cam!) but also to maximize three point opportunities.

For Duke it should be really interesting since there are a number of slashers and some promising shooters as well.

Here’s a video which kind of underscores the principles of the system.

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