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You Tube Gold: Robert Brickey’s Big Save

A cold night in 1988 saw Brickey do something great that allowed Duke to do something even greater

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Duke Blue Devil
Duke’s 1988 win in Chapel Hill was huge for many reasons and Robert Brickey had a big hand in that victory.
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In the Krzyzewski era, Duke has had some tremendous athletes. Grant Hill, Corey Maggette, Thomas Hill, Justise Winslow and many others come to mind. This season of course Duke has Zion Williamson, who is a complete athletic freak and, we’re pretty sure, who has the best vertical at Duke since Maggette.

We saw Maggette play pickup in his freshman year and one of the guys who turned up was Duke’s original high flyer Robert Brickey.

We’ve talked about him before as a great example of a guy who Duke let play to his strengths. At 6-5, he had minimal perimeter skills but he could really get off the ground and was strong enough to guard much bigger players.

So we thought we’d link this 1988 win at UNC in which Brickey made the key play at the end.

He’s a prototype in a lot of ways and certainly underappreciated now but at Duke, and for Duke, Robert Brickey was superb.

By the way, we don't think of these things as much but in 1988 the Dean Dome was still very new and Duke had not won in Chapel Hill in a generation so this game was a big deal.

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