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A Cool Kyrie Story

Lots of fun stuff about Uncle Drew

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NBA: Preseason-Charlotte Hornets at Boston Celtics
Sep 30, 2018; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving (11) during the first half against the Charlotte Hornets at TD Garden. 
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Since leaving Duke, Kyrie Irving has become a huge star in the NBA and also built a reputation as being (take your pick) mercurial, moody and occasionally distant.

His brief silliness with flat earthers kind of startled people but he recently apologized to a teacher’s group over that and said that he had learned that sometimes it’s better to keep some things to yourself.

Actually he may have re-learned that lesson. And who can really fault someone in the public eye for being guarded? It’s entirely reasonable. There’s just too much weirdness around today not to be reserved on some level.

So keep all that in mind as you read this article about Irving. He’s a smart guy and clearly he learns quickly and thoroughly.

A lot of this is interesting but we really thought it was cool that he’s reading poetry.

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