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Jason Williams Is Getting Hitched

Former Duke star has found his bliss

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Jimmy V Classic
NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 06: Sports Illustrated Kids reporter Max Bonnstetter (R) interviews ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Williams during the Jimmy V Classic at Madison Square Garden on December 6, 2016 in New York City.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

In all the years we’ve followed Duke basketball we’ve never enjoyed watching a player more than Jason Williams. We loved the way he played of course but just as much, we loved his earnestness, his ability to really screw up and then just go and fix it.

He was an amazing player to watch. There’s never been a guy at Duke anywhere close to him.

We liked his earnestness but we’re not saying he was simple, just that that part of him was so great.

After his motorcycle accident derailed his NBA career, Williams really had some dark times. He came through them but from he said about that time it wasn’t easy.

So it’s really nice to hear that Williams is getting married to girlfriend Nikki Bonacorsi.

He had an elaborate proposal and a party after.

The capper: Nature Boy Rick Flair sent his congratulations, perhaps as one survivor to another.

Williams has done more than just survive though. He’s remade his life into something very different but equally special. And now he has someone special to spend the rest of it with.

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