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Latest DBR Podcast Has Dropped

Lots of fun Zion stuff among other things

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Duke Countdown To Craziness
DURHAM, NC - OCTOBER 20: High school basketball player Zion Williamson (Spartanburg Day School - Spartanburg, SC) attends Duke Countdown To Craziness at Cameron Indoor Stadium on October 20, 2017 in Durham, North Carolina.
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Here’s the latest DBR Podcast and here’s what the DBR Podcast crew talks about this time.

  • 0:00 Byrd Campbell, the best Duke lawyers around
  • 0:30 Jason welcomes us to the pod… and where in the world is Donald Wine?
  • 1:50 Zion Williamson shocks the world. Donald gives us a breakdown of his game.
  • 5:45 Jason says Zion is Charles Barkley 2.0 and that this is the real start of positionless basketball at Duke.
  • 8:35 The Star Wars Empire theme gets us to Sam talking about what it is like to get all the recruits, all the time.
  • 15:30 Will it be hard for so many studs to play together with just one basketball?
  • 21:45 Jason on how much fun this is for Coach K.
  • 23:20 Time to talk about the Pitt game where we rave about Wendell’s game.
  • 26:50 Is Grayson coming out of his shooting slump?
  • 31:35 Our thanks, once again, to our wonderful sponsors Byrd Campbell.
  • 32:20 Sam leads the preview of Virginia, the best defensive team in America and he wonders how many points we need to win the game.
  • 38:50 Jason says Duke’s offensive focus, pounding the ball inside, is exactly what Virginia is most effective at stopping.
  • 41:20 We all make predictions on the game. Jason says Duke 68-62, Sam has it Blue Devils 69-61, and Donald says 71-65 Duke.
  • 42:10 We discuss Trevon Duval’s left eye.
  • 44:25 Player of the week, we all love Mr. Carter, & we say goodbye!

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