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DBR Podcast Crew Hits The Adidas Scandal

Give a listen. This stuff is important.

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Cuff ‘em Dano Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for UNITAS

Here’s the DBR Podcast crew’s take on the Adidas scandal. Normally we say enjoy but that’s hard to say right now.

  • 0:00 Thanks to the Dukies of Byrd Campbell for loving the podcast!
  • 0:40 Donald intros our discussion about the huge Adidas scandal and learns that Jason has A LOT TO SAY about all this
  • 3:50 We start with the obvious, Rick Pitino’s career is over… or is it?
  • 5:15 Jason says Pitino won’t be the only guy fired over this, and points out the difference in a NCAA investigation and one led by the FBI
  • 11:40 Jason explains the two different aspects of the scandal, the Adidas side and the agent/financial planner side
  • 17:40 We get into the Auburn part of the scandal and Sam equates each school to a mafia family
  • 21:00 Donald brings up the question as to whether fired coaches will be able to move into pro coaching
  • 24:20 Jason wonders what other programs aside from Louisville have been using Adidas to pay recruits
  • 28:10 We hear what a former sports agent/financial planner thinks about all this
  • 32:00 Donald says none of this should be even a mild surprise to folks who pay attention to the way the AAU basketball world works
  • 37:10 Sam brings up a scary thought… could Duke get enveloped in all this?
  • 42:20 We talk a bit about Jay Williams admitting that he was offered money by other programs before he committed to Duke back in 1999
  • 49:00 Jason looks to the past and the future, and wonders if this could lead to important reforms that fix some of the problems with college and pro hoops
  • 54:35 Thanks to the Dukies at for sponsoring today’s podcast!
  • 55:25 Donald wants to talk about the football uniforms. He loves em… Sam and Jason, not so much!
  • 1:05:45 Good bye and Duke band

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