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Duke Recruiting: 1-2 For Zion Williamson Are UK And...

...Well that would shake things up.

High School Basketball: Zion Williamson
Dec 20, 2016; Columbia, SC, USA; Spartanburg Day Griffins player Zion Williamson (12) during the game against the Gray Collegiate War Eagles in the Chick-fil-A Classic Holiday Basketball Tournament. 
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve gotten used to seeing big recruiting battles come down to Duke and Kentucky. It happens all the time the last few years.

Well, according to the Lexington paper’s Ben Roberts, the toughest competition Kentucky faces for Zion Williamson is from...Clemson?

Say what?

Just kidding, but it doesn’t happen very often that Clemson gets a big-time basketball recruit. While obviously we’d prefer that Duke get the kid, if it can’t be us why not Clemson?

It would redefine that program. It’d be the biggest thing to happen to Clemson since...well, ever.

That would be an amazing thing to see. It’d also be great for the ACC in general as Clemson games would become must-see TV.

And there’s the bonus of Kentucky losing a Top Five recruit to Clemson and, as a minor coup everywhere but the Palmetto State, it would severely piss South Carolina off.