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DBR Podcast #82

Get it while it’s hot!

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Microphones Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for TBS

Here's the new podcast, Episode 82! The DBR Podcast Crew talks about the Northwestern win, previews Baylor and gets into a little bit of basketball. Enjoy!


  • 0:00 - Intros: Sam celebrates his Washington Nationals winning the division
  • 1:26 - DukeGang beatdown! We recap the Northwestern game
  • 2:20 - Donald discusses the offense and how they were able to move the ball at will
  • 6:00 - Sam notes that Duke was only Power 5 team to run 100 plays last weekend
  • 6:43 - Sam says that Coach Cutcliffe seems to trust Daniel Jones more
  • 8:10 - Sam, you were supposed to talk about the defense! Sam moves on to defense
  • 11:30 - Saxton’s strip fumble has us all gushing!
  • 12:45 - We continue to applaud the defense - they were beasts all day!
  • 14:52 - We turn to special teams and especially the kicking game, which was on point
  • 18:30 - NW’s targeting call changed the whole complexion of the game
  • 22:05 - Daniel Jones is no slouch…is NFL in his future?
  • 25:15 - Jason questions why Cutcliffe left some of our stars in there at the end
  • 26:15 - Our first sponsor! Thanks to Ultrarunner!
  • 28:36 - We preview Baylor; Donald gives the 3 keys to victory
  • 34:29 - Sam wants the defense to continue playing their positions
  • 35:44 - Sam asks the question: how long does the current success need to continue before we stop pointing out how bad Duke was for so long?
  • 37:27 - Donald thinks it will take a lot longer for people to stop remembering the Franks/Roof era
  • 40:21 - Jason thinks it’s not that far off because the current students were young during the Franks/Roof era
  • 43:33 - Sam thinks when we stop having the conversations that include “Duke has a football team?”
  • 44:56 - Donald thinks the respect level of Duke Football is growing rapidly with wins and NFL success
  • 47:08 - Jason thinks this is an important year for Duke Football to do well and get to a bowl
  • 48:50 - Donald concludes with eliminating the droughts that have plagued Duke Football
  • 50:24 - DUKE BASKETBALL! Marvin Bagley III is now cleared to play; Jason thinks Kansas fans will be upset
  • 59:45 - Zion Williamson has some nice things to say about Duke - could #1, #2 AND #3 in the Class of 2018 commit?
  • 1:05:17 - Donald poses the question of whether the Superteam Era has now made it to college basketball
  • 1:06:32 - Jason thinks the Class of 2014 started the Superteam Era
  • 1:08:47 - that’s a wrap, we’ll see you next week!

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