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Why Isn’t Wally Wade Seeing More Fans?

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NCAA Football: Northwestern at Duke
Sep 9, 2017; Durham, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils wide receiver T.J. Rahming (3) looks for running room against Northwestern Wildcats linebacker Paddy Fisher (42) in the second half at Wallace Wade Stadium. Duke won 41-17. 
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Well here’s a fair question: with Duke football thriving under David Cutcliffe, why is it that more people aren’t coming out?

In his usual fashion, Coach Cut is being a half-full kind of guy and focusing on how much he likes the fans he sees now. But really this program deserves more support. So why isn’t it getting it?

It’s probably a lot of things. Traditional sports have a long-term challenge from E-sports for one thing. Younger people are less interested in football than a good video game. Try and get your average 12-year-old to walk away from his friends to sit on a couch and watch football.

Not happening.

And in Duke’s case, football, though compelling now, is going to be second banana to basketball. That’s been Duke’s identity for 50 years.

The 277 strategy mentioned in this article is smart because it’s accessible and local but Duke should look beyond that.

In its iPhone X reveal Tuesday, Apple demonstrated a nice use of AR for Major League Baseball.

That’s where Duke - and the ACC - needs to be. Combine that with analytics and you could have a very compelling presence. And that’s the sort of thing that Duke could do.

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