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Duke Recruiting: Zion Williamson Update

Some very interesting twists indeed

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High School Basketball: Zion Williamson
Dec 20, 2016; Columbia, SC, USA; Spartanburg Day Griffins player Zion Williamson (12) during the game against the Gray Collegiate War Eagles in the Chick-fil-A Classic Holiday Basketball Tournament. 
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Some interesting news on the Zion Williamson front: first, he canceled John Calipari’s in-home visit after Hurricane Irma threatened family members. Second, his Duke visit is scheduled on October 21-23. And third on his USAToday blog he said this about Coach K:

“It’s been great getting to know all of the coaches that are recruiting me. I know that the reality is that the coaches can just tell me what I want to hear because they want me to come to their school so I’ve started to ask hard questions.

“I had a talk with Coach K recently and I asked him how I would fit into his system with the two players he already has committed in my class.

“So he started telling me his original plan for the class and how he’d already planned to get those two players and how everything is working according to his plan. He said that every year he changes his system with new players. He said he was gonna play me the way he played LeBron (James) in the Olympics in 2012 so I did my research!

“Coach K gave him the chance to showcase that he was still the best player in the world.

“I thought that was a real, genuine answer because Coach K is always 10 steps ahead.”

Still a long way to go but if we were from another school he’s interested in that might worry us too.

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