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Wilt, Russ And Jordan On Who The Greatest Player In History Was

Hint: it’s not the shortest one. Or the tallest.

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2017 NBA Awards Live On TNT - Inside
NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 26: Former NBA player, Bill Russell attends the 2017 NBA Awards Live On TNT on June 26, 2017 in New York City. 
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for TNT

In our era, Michael Jordan is widely considered the greatest player of all time.

Here’s an interesting video with Jordan, Bill Russell and the late Wilt Chamberlain discussing who was the greatest.

Being respectful of his elders, Jordan wouldn’t commit, explaining that no one could say because he never competed against his elders.

But there’s a great voice over from Bill Walton who witnessed Jordan and Chamberlain arguing the point. Chamberlain shut him down by saying that they changed the rules to make the game easier for Jordan but changed them to make it harder for himself.

Walton says that Jordan, for once, had no comeback.

Still, when pressed, Chamberlain had to give the nod to Russell.

And Russell?

He said he’d take himself. He related an interesting conversation with Jordan where he explained why the NBA in his day was much more difficult and said that John Paxson, for instance, would never have made an NBA team in Russell’s day because there just weren’t enough jobs.

As usual, Russell’s logic is hard to refute.

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