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You Tube Gold - Jason Williams

Still one of the greatest players in Duke history - and one of the most likable too.

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Wake Forest v Duke X Williams
Jason Williams going to the basket at Duke.

If you make a list of DBR’s favorite Duke players of all time, we’d start with Shane Battier, JJ Redick, Billy King, Johnny Dawkins, Jon Scheyer, Grant Hill, Bobby Hurley, Christian Laettner and that’s just for starters.

Any list like that would be hard to cut down and you probably have a lot of guys you’d add to it. One that we would certainly add is Jason Williams.

We loved everything about him - his earnestness, his explosiveness and his ability to screw up and then totally turn it around. He did that more than once and it was a really cool thing to watch.

It’s been awhile so a lot of people have forgotten - and some never knew - just how great he was. So here’s a bit of YouTube Gold to remind you.

First are some general career highlights and then some highlights from the 2001 NCAA championship.

He remains a singular talent in Duke’s pantheon.

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