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UVA’s Craig Littlepage On The ACC Network

Among other things

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Duke v Virginia Photo by Chet Strange/Getty Images

For a bit of a change of perspective, here’s Virginia’s A.D. Craig Littlepage talking about various things including Tony Bennett, women’s basketball with Duke grad Joanna Boyle and the progress of the ACC Network.

The last one is most interesting to us, not least of all because he specifically cites Duke as being ahead of the curve in prepping for the debut of the network.

Here’s the relevant part: “I think everybody in the industry looks at [the possibility that the media rights bubble could burst].. All the conversations about cord-cutting and the financial implications of that. The offloading of personnel (by ESPN) in great numbers. Is that an indication that things are not only plateauing but could be a precursor to further issues down the road? But we are very confident that the deal we have with ESPN is a very good (one), and in my opinion it’s going to exceed some projections. Given the demographics of this part of the country. We have a football program (in the ACC) that’s on a very good trajectory. I don’t see that as changing. Certainly from a basketball standpoint we’ve been performing at very high levels for a long time. And then you look at the other sports, what the ACC has to offer in terms of quality content … is going to be very desirable. … But it doesn’t guarantee anything, for sure.”

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