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Kyrie Trade Update

The idea that you’d have to be nuts to not want to be on the same team with LeBron James has been significantly challenged by Steven A. Smith.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day
CLEVELAND, OH - SEPTEMBER 26: LeBron James #23 and Kyrie Irving #2 of the Cleveland Cavaliers pose for a portrait during media day at Cleveland Clinic Courts on September 26, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. 
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Stephen A. Smith weighs in with possibly the most interesting column on the Kyrie Irving situation or perhaps the most perceptive.

Basically he’s saying that as great as LeBron is, and no one denies that, his insistence on controlling the narrative (and the team) is driving Irving crazy.

Check this passage from Smith’s column out:

“Kyrie isn’t saying he’s better than LeBron and should be seen that way,” a close confidant of Irving’s told me. “He’s saying he’s not about to let LeBron ‘SON’ him … treating him like he’s the child and LeBron’s the father or big brother he’s supposed to look up to.

“Kyrie knows he’s a franchise-caliber talent. He wants to be treated like it. And he’s tired of hearing about what LeBron needs, and he’s damn sure tired of hearing LeBron sound like he always needs more. As if the crew they have isn’t enough.”

Apparently most of the other NBA teams have made trade inquiries with six real offers.

According to SBN’s Kristian Winfield, the two teams with the most to offer are Phoenix and Boston, and since Cleveland will probably not want to strengthen an Eastern rival, Phoenix might have the advantage.

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