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Duke Recruiting: Peach Jam News From Adam Zagoria

Some pretty intriguing tidbits in these links

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ball rack
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Emmit Williams is a long way from committing but when you have a guy saying stuff like we see here...well, you have to be pleased:

“Getting a phone call from [Coach K], it was like talking to God. I never thought I would be talking to the best coach in the world from his cell phone so getting a call from him is a blessing.”

“I wanna be that kid that brings that motor to the team, gets everybody on their feet and makes sure everybody is ready to play. I wanna be that guy with the motor on the court. I wanna guard every position on the court, from one through the five. The more people I can guard, the better player I am.”

In case you’re wondering, yes, Coach K has offered him. We don’t claim any special insights, but if you follow Duke basketball, you can reasonably well think that a guy with an attitude like that would be coveted.

Williams said that at Peach Jam. Here are some other guys Duke is looking at.

Also, Cam Reddish says he may commit in November or December.

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