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An Interesting Reaction To The UNC Scandal And One Critical Class Canceled

Victoria Jackson is a formidable woman who writes very well and who values character and honor

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ACC Championship - Clemson v North Carolina
Ramses isn’t the only sheep in Chapel Hill
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The whole UNC scandal has gotten to the point where it’s difficult to remember everything and sometimes hard to categorize stuff.

So we’re not even going to figure out where to put these two stories other than maybe they’re both reactions.

First up is this piece about former UNC distance runner Victoria Jackson’s reaction to the overall mess (note: the N&O’s article suggests that her Web site is, but that leads the the entertainer, not this Ms. Jackson.

She is obviously an intelligent woman who took full advantage of her UNC education.

We’d be fascinated to see her sit down and have a debate with Jay Bilas. They’d agree on many things but she parts company with him on many others.

Most importantly, she is a UNC graduate and a former athlete with a real sense of honor. Her voice should be listened to. Quite frankly, she could have saved UNC a ton of humiliation and a considerable amount of money. We have no idea what she does for a living but her alma mater could really use her.

The other article is about Jay Smith’s erstwhile course at UNC, “Big-Time College Sports and the Rights of Athletes, 1956 to the present,” which won't be taught this year. apparently because of pressure from the administration.

There’s more weirdness here than we can really summarize so read the article. It’s more of the same from our state university unfortunately.

We hope Jackson’s voice is heard more widely. She has a great deal to offer. So does Smith for that matter.

UNC should listen.

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