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More On UNC’s Reaction To The AAUP Letter

More of the same unfortunately

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Virginia Tech v North Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

As is now traditional, UNC is mismanaging another aspect of the long-running athletic scandal. This time it’s the reaction to the letter the American Association of University Professors sent about a canceled class and academic freedom.

If you missed it, history professor Jay Smith taught a class called “Big-Time College Sports and the Rights of Athletes, 1956 to the Present” which was canceled or postponed. Depending on who you listen to, the university may have pressured Smith’s department to drop the class.

It’s just one more hit really given everything that’s happened and the university’s, well, what’s the right word for the reaction at this point? Stupid? Obtuse? Arrogant? Oblivious?

Maybe all of the above.

If the critics are correct, when you stop and consider how brave many people at UNC have been about academic freedom over the years, including some who put their lives on the line to make a stand against racism in the Jim Crow era, it’s really a stunning betrayal.

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