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Celtics-Sixers Deal Could Upend 2017 NBA Draft Expectations

And if it happens, Boston would wind up with even more future draft assets

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Tennessee State v Duke
Jayson Tatum is just one guy who has to wait to see what happens if Boston trades the #1 pick in the 2017 NBA draft.
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The draft is coming up next week and as we’ve said for a while now, you can’t believe a word you hear from any NBA team when it comes to the draft.

Things can and do change, sometimes quickly, and that’s the case now as the #1 pick is in play and according to several sources, a deal is likely to happen.

If it happens, Markell Fultz would still likely be the top pick but go to Philly instead where a backcourt of Fultz and Ben Simmons would be imposing.

However, Stephen A. Smith is hearing that the Sixers are really angling for Josh Jackson.

The Celtics meanwhile would get the #3 pick, which they could conceivably use on a forward like Jayson Tatum or Jackson if he’s still around. They’d also supposedly get a #1 from the Sixers.

The Lakers would still pick #2 but may be having second thoughts about Lonzo Ball and if Fultz is available, that would complicate things.

But hold the phone: Jonathan Givony of Draft Express says the Lakers are in love with Fultz and want to work a deal with the Celtics too.

And if that’s the case, then all top three picks, or teams picking, have changed and the rest of the draft is in complete turmoil.

And of course Boston could just take him and see who wants him the most.

A lot of guys who thought they might have some idea of where they were going may have no idea at all.

And that’s the fun of the draft - at least for those of us sitting at home.

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