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You Tube Gold: Jeff Mullins

Coach K would’ve loved this guy

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Jeff Mullins against That Team From Chapel Hill
Forrest Jerome

By our count, Jeff Mullins was Duke’s third great player, behind Dick Groat, who chose a baseball career and teammate Art Heyman.

Mullins became Duke’s first All-Star and also helped Golden State to win the NBA title in 1975.

Here’s some YouTube footage of Mullins. What’s striking is how modern his game looks. A lot of guys from earlier eras...well it might be the video but they look slower and even their shots look different.

That’s not really the case with Mullins. He was a superb athlete and with modern training techniques he would be an All-Star today too.

Actually he reminds us a bit here of modern European players too or perhaps Manu Ginobli.

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