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Kevin Knox Turns Down Tobacco Road, Chooses Kentucky

Generally speaking, Duke was seen as the favorite and UNC not far behind. Things don’t always go as expected though.

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High School Basketball: McDonald's All-American Portraits
Mar 26, 2017; Chicago, IL, USA; McDonalds High School All-American forward Kevin Knox II (23) poses for a photo during the 2017 McDonalds All American Game Portrait Day at Chicago Marriott.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In a surprise decision to many, Kevin Knox has picked Kentucky. While we would have loved it if he had picked Duke, it’s his life and his decision and he doesn’t owe anyone outside of his immediate circle anything.

It’s disappointing, sure and it’s kind of funny actually to think that Duke and UNC fans both get equal opportunity schadenfreude on this one - but things sometimes work out in surprising ways.

The best example of this we can think of was early in Coach K’s Duke career when he really, really wanted Curtis Hunter. Hunter was a Durham kid and a very highly regarded recruit. At one point - the NCAA allowed it back then - Coach K stated publicly that he only had one more recruit in mind for that class and he went to Durham Southern.

Well as it turned out, Hunter chose UNC. Duke took its second choice.

Things worked out pretty well.

David Henderson was an incredible player for Duke who was willing to go toe to toe with anyone, including Michael Jordan. He was tough and fearless and arguably the soul of the 1986 team, still one of Coach K’s best ever.

Does it hurt Duke?

Well, it’s a hit, there’s no question about that. You just never know though.

In 1999, William Avery left as a sophomore and Duke hadn’t recruited a point guard.

As it turned out though, Jason Williams did okay.

It’s always better to look forward than back.

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