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Dick Vitale Is Enraged

Good night in the day, Vitale is on the warpath

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NCAA Basketball: Duke at Miami
Jan 25, 2016; Coral Gables, FL, USA; ESPN commentator Dick Vitale greets Miami Hurricanes fans prior to a game against Duke Blue Devils at BankUnited Center.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Every so often Dick Vitale will be dismayed. He expresses, shall we say, disapproval. In the case of Eddie Sutton, it was memorable as he turned against the former Kentucky coach on national TV.

But he wasn’t angry, not really.

Most of us see the goofy, fun, over the top Vitale and like it because it’s authentic.

Everyone has someone who can get under their skin though and for Vitale it appears to be Lavar Ball.

If you missed it, Dickie V just exploded on the elder Ball on Twitter, ripping the shoes, the price, his son’s defense and how his father has - well, he said this: “All I can say LaVar Ball is doing all he can to have his son disliked by everyone.“

You can almost imagine him typing in a rage, telling whoever is close, “boy I just showed Lavar! Who the hell does he think he is?! Take that!”

And hitting send a little too hard (as an aside, the idea of everyone disliking you? That must be horrible for Vitale).

Underneath it all he does have a point. Lonzo is a unique talent, a guy who can see the court in a brilliant way. Not many guys have his vision.

He’s becoming known more as Lavar’s son though than the other way around and that’s too bad.

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