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Duke Recruiting: A Small Trevon Duval Read

Small but interesting

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FloSports: FloHoops City of Palms Basketball Classic- Showcase
Dec 21, 2016; Ft. Meyers, FL, USA; Patrick School Celtics guard Jamir Harris (4) and IMG Academy Ascenders guard Trevon Duval (1) chase a loose ball during the second half at Suncoast Credit Union Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to athletes or really any prominent people, we tend to see only the fuzziest images. They tend to be out of focus, caricatures, not really fully formed people.

It’s natural to an extent, perhaps especially with athletes. But it’s important to try to gain a sense of the people we watch. It’s even important (and possibly more so) with rival teams.

For Duke fans, we have a number of new players to get to know and we have only the vaguest outlines so far.

Wendell Carter is wicked smart and apparently extroverted. Jordan Goldwire is a worker. Gary Trent? We know he can play and so could his dad but beyond that? Not so much yet. Jordan Tucker? We know he’s okay with being Duke’s second choice because he’s. confident guy. Alex O’ Connell? We know his dad played at Duke. Beyond that so far?

Not much.

And Trevon Duval?

We’re familiar with his profile. We saw his nifty commitment video/animation.

But we don’t know a whole lot about him really. It’s nice to get insights on any of these guys so here’s a small bit from USA Today on what motivates Duval.

Turns out it was high school basketball. He liked the guys he saw and wanted to be like them.

Mission accomplished.

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