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From The Deep Archives: Duke ‘67 Video

And a bonus glimpse at the future.

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Grand Canyon v Duke
DURHAM, NC - NOVEMBER 12: The Duke Blue Devils mascot performs during the game against the Grand Canyon Antelopes at Cameron Indoor Stadium on November 12, 2016 in Durham, North Carolina.
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

We were tooling around on YouTube and found this video of Duke’s 1967 trip to Morgantown to play West Virginia.

Duke basketball in the Bubas era was radically different than it is today. First, it had barely started to integrate. And second, in the Krzyzewski era, Duke has always stressed defense.

It’s not that Duke didn’t with Bubas - he taught defense too - but the offense was the show.

Duke was a high-powered offensive program in the 1960s and gifted performers Art Heyman, Jeff Mullins and Bob Verga flocked to Durham.

In this video, you’ll see guys like Mike Lewis, Tim Kolodziej, Bob Riedy, Steve Vandenberg and Verga.

Even though it was a very different game, you can still see outlines of the modern game emerging.

It’s black and white and kind of grainy and that automatically dates it. But it’s still cool.

Just a couple of years later you could really see the modern game when the ABA was emerging as an amazing alternative to the NBA. Check this video out. It’s amazingly modern.

As you’ll see, dunks and no-look passes were already staples - and so was the three-point shot.

It drove the NBA and purists nuts, but it was a complete blast.

One is amateur and one is professional but just look at how different the game had become and how quickly it happened.

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