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Duke Recruiting: Duval’s A Devil

Good news!

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High School Basketball: McDonald's All-American Portraits Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Trevon Duval has committed to Duke.

This is great news. Duke already has a pretty solid roster, one we’ve compared to a fast car and Duval is going to be tossed the keys on day one.

He’ll have Grayson Allen, Gary Trent and Jordan Tucker to head to the basket. If he’s advanced enough over the summer, he’ll also have Javin DeLaurier. You know who he reminds us of now that we think of it? Orlando Woolridge. DeLaurier could make a living on the fast break.

And then there’s Duval himself. Someone recently compared his athleticism to Russell Westbrook’s. He doesn't have to live in that penthouse but if he’s in the same building it’s great news for Duke.

He’ll also have Wendell Carter and Marques Bolden to pass to inside.

On a secondary note, Alex O’ Connell and Jordan Goldwire will benefit immensely from playing against him daily.

Like Tucker, who is from New York but in school in Georgia now, Duval is finishing high school in a new state. In his case it’s Florida.

So while Trent is from Minnesota, the rest of Duke’s freshman class comes from high schools in two states: Georgia and Florida.

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