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The Panthers May Be Up Pitt Creek

Things are not looking good for Pittsburgh basketball.

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NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Pittsburgh
Next season could be scary for Kevin Stallings and Pitt
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As Georgia Tech proved last season, you can’t be sure of much of anything when it comes to predicting college basketball.

However, it’s a reasonable bet that Pitt is going to have a tough year.

Pitt loses seniors Jamel Artis, Michael Young, Chris Jones and Shelden Jeter. The Panthers also are losing Crisshawn Clark, Damon Wilson, Corey Manigault, Justice Kithcart, Cameron Johnson and Rozelle Nix to transfer.

That’s going to be incredibly hard to overcome.

As of now, Pitt has five guys coming in, none of whom are highly regarded (for what that’s worth. Plenty of guys come to college and are much better than anyone expected).

If we understand correctly, only 6-9 Ryan Luther and 6-2 transfer (in, not out) Jonathan Milligan, who passed through Durham’s Mt. Zion program, are back.

As of right now, that’s not even enough guys for practice, and that’s counting one experienced walk-on in redshirt junior Zach Smith.

We don’t particularly like Kevin Stallings to be honest. We don’t really have anything against him, he’s just not particularly likeable.

Even so, it’s hard not to feel sorry for the spot he’s in. Next year could be absolutely brutal for Pitt basketball and he started out without much love from Pitt anyway.

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