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Laettner Talks About The Dream Team

What an amazing experience that must have been.

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Christian Laettner defends Chris Webber in the 1992 national championship game

Former Blue Devil Christian Laettner has been looking back at his career in recent times and telling stories.

One of the highlights for him had to have been making the 1992 Olympic team. He was on a court with guys like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley.

Not that it was easy.

In fact, Laettner told "The Tim Graham Show" that"[I]t was all over my head where I was just hanging on by the seat of my pants and just trying to hang in there as much as I could and keep my hands ready in case Magic hit me with a bullet pass under the bucket to lay it in.

"It was fun and easy and hard and exciting all at the same time."

Sports Illustrated has a great article in The Vault about that game. It must have been a real privilege to be in that building that day.

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