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Quin Snyder Thriving With The Jazz

Former Duke star and assistant has bounced back in a big way after his fall at Missouri.

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Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Seven
LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 30: Head Coach Quin Snyder of the Utah Jazz motions during the first half of Game Seven of the Western Conference Quarterfinals against the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center at Staples Center on April 30, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

For most people there is still at least an illusion of anonymity but for people who move into the public eye it’s a very different experience and for most of them, going to the the media wringer is bound to be a miserable and lonely experience.

We’re sure that was true for Quin Snyder after his fall at Missouri.

This is a guy who is almost always the smartest guy in the room, who has the easy confidence that lets you believe anything is possible because, realistically, almost anything is.

Of course failure is always one of the possible things and that, we’re sure, came as a shock to someone whose gifts always kept him near the top of everything - basketball, academics, coaching - everything.

How could someone with so much talent, so much charisma, possibly fail?

Well he did and it hurt.

In this article, Snyder says he almost quit coaching after MIzzou and no doubt falling back into some modicum of anonymity must have seemed like a relief.

But the talent, the charisma, the intelligence was all still there as was the love of the game.

He took a different path back, through the D-League first and then as an assistant.

Now he’s 50, he just turned in a remarkable year with a very young team and he’s got a chance - not a big one but a chance - of knocking off the Warriors in the playoffs.

It’s a great comeback.

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