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Jason Capel On His Father’s Diagnosis And Legacy

There’s a lot more here too. This is a nice article.

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Jason Capel #25
Jason Capel during his time at UNC.

When Jason Capel was at UNC, after the Heels suffered yet another loss to Duke, we made a crack that earned us a response from his big brother Jeff.

In a nice way, he basically told us to shut the hell up about his brother.

It was one of the more memorable exchanges we’ve had here at DBR, along with getting chewed out by Jay Bilas once upon a time.

He was right of course. We were so caught up in the Duke-UNC thing that we completely overlooked that Jason was Jeff’s brother and not just his brother but his little brother.

You don’t mess with a guy’s little brother, least of all in the Capel family. That’s a beautiful family. We should all be so lucky.

So while being a Duke site and having followed Jeff’s career much more closely, Jason is naturally every bit as affected by his father’s diagnosis as is Jeff.

Here’s an article from the Virginian-Pilot about Jason’s perspective. There are a lot of nice things you could say about his dad. He’s the heart of a wonderful family and he’s been very successful and helped a lot of people. But it would be hard to find something much nicer than what Jason says about his dad here:

“I’m happy that he’s seeing the love so many people have for him because he’s influenced so many peoples’ lives.

“He helped so many guys who came from bad situations who are now good dads, who are good men. Those are the things that go out the window when you’re talking about the coaching profession.

“It’s about what have you done as a man to help others. That’s what he always taught us, to help other people.”

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