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Green Lighted Bombers

These guys can really stroke it

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Duke v Virginia
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - FEBRUARY 15: Luke Kennard #5 of the Duke Blue Devils shoots a basket over Marial Shayok #4 of the Virginia Cavaliers during a game at John Paul Jones Arena on February 15, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Photo by Chet Strange/Getty Images

There are times in a game when you need to have the ball in a particular player’s hands.

Perhaps you know the other team will foul to stop the clock and regain possession, and you need your best free throw shooter in position to handle the ball and get sent to the line. Or maybe the defense is so tight, the need for a score so pressing, you want to get the ball to the player best able to create his own shot or simply best able to exploit the weakness of the defense.

Then there are occasions when you want to punish a zone, or catch up or go ahead in a hurry, or to deliver a momentum-changing punch, and you look to feed the ball to the most adept 3-point shooter on your squad.

This person may be largely unknown as a long-range shooter, taking too few shots to appear among the official league leaders. But within the team you know this is who you want with the ball when long-range bombing is required. You can be sure opponents’ scouting reports know which shooters they need to keep an eye on, too.

Best 3-Point Shooters Among 2017 ACC Men’s Regulars
(Minimum 10 Mins. And One Shot Per Game, Asterisk Indicates
Among Official ACC Leaders, Through Games of Feb. 15)
3 Pct. Player, School 3A-3M Minutes-Games
.486 Kyle Guy, V 34-70 434-25
.473 Keyshawn Woods, WF 43-91 789/26
.457 V.J. King, UL 16-35 382-26
.456 Luke Kennard, D* 62-136 910-26
.451 Ky Bowman, BC 51-113 774-27
.451 Sean Allen, VT 37-82 693-24
.442 Avry Holmes, C* 57-129 700-25
.441 Matt Farrell, ND* 63-143 920-27
.439 Ty Jerome, V 18-41 301-25
.433 Cameron Johnson, UP* 65-150 745-26
.431 Marcquise Reed, C 25-58 515-25
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