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Straight Shooters

Some of the names here might surprise you

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NCAA Basketball: Duke at Wake Forest
Jan 28, 2017; Winston-Salem, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils center Antonio Vrankovic (30) dunks the ball during the second half against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons at Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Duke defeated Wake 85-83.
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

None of the most accurate shooters in the ACC last season ranked among the official league leaders. This is a chronic difficulty in statistical standard-setting. The requirement to make five shots per game renders invisible the identities of regulars who shoot efficiently but not enough.

Knowing who these players are may seem a minor point, but not if you’re intent on guarding the top shooters on the floor. Admittedly some of the top 10 marksmen last season launched attempts so seldom, played so tangentially, their field goal acuity is nearly irrelevant.

But that’s not the case for all of the best shooters, whose playing time may be curtailed by squad depth or redundant strengths, by limitations in stamina or ball skills, or by injury. Not to mention, having a particular player on the floor for longer stretches may compromise a team’s defensive prowess or cohesion.

Still, if a guy can shoot, he can shoot.

Among returnees, Notre Dame’s Martinas Geben and Virginia Tech’s Chris Clarke started more than half of their teams’ games. Anas Mahmoud started nearly half for Louisville.

It’s worth noting that official ACC leader John Collins, the Wake sophomore, hit 62.2 percent of his field goal attempts before fleeing for the NBA. That’s better than all but five of the unofficial leaders. After Collins, UNC’s Kennedy Meeks officially ranked second in accuracy at 55.5 percent. Unofficially 13 players exceeded Meeks’ acuity.

Best Returning Field Goal Shooters Among ACC Regulars
(Minimum 10 Minutes Per Game)
FG% Player, School FG-FGA
.654 Chris Koumadje, FSU 53-81
.646 Martinas Geben, ND 42-65
.623 Anas Mahmoud, UL 76-122
.590 Ray Spalding, UL 79-134
.588 Chris Clarke, VT 97-160
.580 Jarred Reuter, ND 51-88
.578 Elijah Thomas, C 78-135
High Percentage, Under 10 Min/Game:
.750 Kellen McCormick, GT 12-16
.684 Antonio Vrankovic, D 13-19

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