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Latest DBR Podcast Posted!

The DBR Podcast returns with Episode 96

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Duke v Indiana
 BLOOMINGTON, IN - NOVEMBER 29: Trevon Duval #1 of the Duke Blue Devils drives to the basket against Josh Newkirk #2 and Devonte Green #11 of the Indiana Hoosiers in the first half of a game at Assembly Hall on November 29, 2017 in Bloomington, Indiana. Duke won 91-81.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Episode 96 is ready to rock!

Sam, Jason, and Donald recap the wins against Indiana and South Dakota. Jason is on husband duty so he's here for part 1 and Donald joins for part 2. We end with previews of St. Francis and Boston College, hand out Player of the Week honors, and end with a little Duke Football bowling!


  • 0:00 Thank you, Byrd Campbell!
  • 0:19 Sam brings us in and explains the disjointed podcast (First half is just Sam and Jason, second half, Sam and Donald)
  • 1:00 It’s all Jason’s fault…he was being a good husband and needed to record early
  • 2:30 Jason pre-reacts to the South Dakota game since his segment was recorded before the game!
  • 3:40 Jason gives general thoughts on the Indiana win
  • 5:05 Jason - “In addition to Indiana playing at home and playing well…we’re exhausted!”
  • 6:22 Jason thinks we saw a growing trend where Duke plays uninspired ball for 30 minutes and get it together for 10
  • 7:33 Jason brings up a Ben Swain tweet that explains how awesome Duke’s defense has been late in the game
  • 11:10 Sam’s thought: Duke hasn’t really found its defensive identity yet
  • 12:15 Sam: Is this an effort problem or something fixable? Jason: Too early to say it’s not fixable
  • 14:35 Jason notes that our outside shooting isn’t as good
  • 17:50 Jason thinks Alex O’Connell should get more minutes
  • 21:00 Jason thinks Wendell Carter had an incredible game
  • 22:15 Jason also shouts out Marques Bolden for his effort during the game
  • 24:05 Sam and Jason briefly shift to the ACC Challenge - the ACC dominated B1G!
  • 25:00 Jason thinks there are very few B1G locks for the NCAA Tournament
  • 30:35 We say goodbye to Jason…hope Mrs. Evans enjoys the spa!
  • 31:20 Byrd Campbell sends a message about the Indiana game
  • 32:15 We are now in the future. Sam is now joined by Donald and we are post-South Dakota win
  • 33:49 Donald begins his thoughts on the Indiana game by mentioning how well Wendell Carter played
  • 35:20 Sam mentions that Carter’s poise is so impressive, especially since he normally draws the tougher defensive assignment
  • 36:24 Donald thinks Wendell Carter has a great back to the basket game and complements Bagley’s game well
  • 37:26 Donald says Marques Bolden had the play of the game
  • 38:49 Sam thinks Bolden has embraced the role of energy big guy off the bench
  • 39:52 Donald says Bolden and Carter both go up with two hands to get rebounds - very effective
  • 41:47 Sam and Donald talk about the South Dakota win
  • 48:07 Sam and Donald briefly preview St. Francis and Boston College
  • 52:52 Jason’s not here for Players of the Week, but both Donald and Sam both give it to Grayson Allen
  • 54:12 Parting Shots - Donald brings up Duke Football’s selection to play in the Quick Lane Bowl and is happy Duke is going to his hometown
  • 56:12 Sam’s Parting Shot - Jimbo Fisher leaves the ACC for a boatload of money
  • 56:52 Sam’s still looking for old basketball YouTube videos - if you have good pre-2000 ones!
  • 58:26 Donald notes that December 6th is the 3 year anniversary of DBR Podcast Episode 1!
  • 1:00:15 See ya! Duke Band take us home.

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