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ACC Roundup - GT Lays A Huge Egg

And in the worst possible way.

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Georgia Tech T-Day Spring Football Game
What the heck happened in Atlanta?
Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

To be clear, Georgia Tech never should have been in trouble against Grambling (1-5 Grambling mind you). Yet the Yellow Jackets fell behind by 16 - at home.

We’ve been telling you to keep an eye on Tech’s freshman point guard Jose Alvarado.

He scored 20 in the second half to help Tech come back and the Yellow Jackets came all the way back to take the lead with mere seconds to go at 63-62. Then something bizarre happened.

With the game winding down, Tech managed to tip the ball into Grambling’s basket. Most stories we’ve seen don’t ID the player but the Atlanta paper says it was Alvarado.

But from here it looks like it was son of Ironhead, Curtis Haywood.

Keep in mind also that Josh Okogie is still out with an injured finger (he’s eligible again, but not healthy enough to go) and center Ben Lammers is also dealing with injuries.

But still, Tech should never have been in trouble to a 1-5 SWAC team. By the way, one of the losses was to Duke’s opponent Saturday, South Dakota. The score? 84-55.

Davidson was incredibly impressive against UNC but that’s what you’d expect from a Bob McKillop team. UNC was better but Davidson kept coming. The first half was close and while UNC opened up a second half lead, they had trouble maintaining it. That’s no knock on the Heels. Davidson is just a very solid program. It’s what you expect.

Props to Luke Maye, as the 6-8 junior put up 24 points and pulled down 17 boards. He’s putting up some serious numbers this season. Remember when a lot of people, including us, were highly skeptical that he could succeed at UNC? Well he is succeeding on a very high level indeed.

Three point shooting was poor again with UNC hitting 5-20.

Pitt moved to .500 with a 76-64 win over local rival Duquesne. Ryan Luther finished with 16 points and nine boards.

Great quotes from the coaches.

Pitt’s Kevin Stallings: "I didn't want to come in and be the stooge that lost the first two (to Duquesne), golly."

Duquesne’s Keith Dambrot in a momen of non-coachspeak candor: "My feeling is we're in disarray."

He also said he had “bigger fish to fry..I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but I’m not. When you’re getting your brains beat in, right, and you’re 59 years old, yes it’s difficult.”

Sounds like a reporter’s dream.

On Saturday there are eight games around the conference with a few that are really interesting.

First, Syracuse has a chance to grab a big win when the ‘Case takes on Kansas in the Hoophall Miami Invitational. Miami plays Princeton in the second game.

Richmond visits Wake Forest and for whatever reason, Richmond has never been an easy game for the Deacs.

Virginia Tech also visits Ole Miss, which is a game the Hokies should win, but good for them for scheduling a December road game. The other games aren’t much to talk about.

We don’t usually go into football but there are a couple of coaching stories.

First, NC State is giving Dave Doeren $3 million a year to stay in Raleigh. That’s up to them but really? Is he worth that kind of money? His record at State is 33-30. He’s building a program but still, that’s a lot for a guy who’s not setting the world on fire.

Speaking of a guy not setting the world on fire, Jimbo Fisher is off to Texas A&M.

He’s certainly won at FSU, including a national championship and four Atlantic division titles.

But what he’s done best is to complain. The facilities weren't good enough. His coaches weren’t paid enough. People were too critical. The ACC is not a real football league.

In the end, FSU just had had enough and didn’t fight to keep him, instead urging him to make a decision.

During the course of the week though, a fan stood up during his radio show and challenged Fisher’s loyalty. The fan was escorted out. Then a number of his players said that they didn't trust him anymore and some said they wouldn’t play for him anymore and would transfer if he did come back.

So bridges burned, Fisher had little choice other than to depart for greener (or perhaps browner, considering the locale) pastures.

Obviously it’s a huge opening and Florida State will get a lot of interest. And the guy steering the boat, Stan Wilcox, is a protege of Duke A.D. Kevin White. He’s got a big job to do and getting it right will matter for FSU’s athletic future and his own as well. It’s going to be interesting.

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