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Carlos Boozer Calls It A Career

Former Duke star ends a decade and a half career.

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Carlos Boozer rests
Carlos Boozer as a Blue Devil

After a long professional career, former Duke star Carlos Boozer has decided to retire.

Boozer had a solid career at Duke, was taken in the second round by Cleveland in a bit of a snub, and established himself as a solid NBA player.

Boozer played for Cleveland, Utah, Chicago and the Lakers before spending a couple of years in China. He played 861 games, averaged 16.2, ppg, 9.5 rpg and 2.2 apg. He had a career field goal percentage of 52.1% and shot 72.2% from the line.

He’s not a Hall of Fame type of player, but he’s been reliable and a good teammate. He’s also showed solid character.

There’s one story that’s worth repeating.

At one point, the late Prince rented a home from Boozer. He made huge changes, including installing a purple fountain - remember it was a rental - and when Boozer found out he was undersandably mad as hell and went to talk to Prince, reportedly pretty worked up.

Prince just cut him a check for a million. Boozer came back impressed and told people “that little man is cool as hell.”

You wonder what Prince thought when a 6-9, 260 lb. enraged athlete showed up ready to kick his ass. It would’ve been amazing to watch him turn it around.

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