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A Rarity From Deadspin

Kind words for Duke? Better shut it down.

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NCAA Basketball: Duke at Indiana
Nov 29, 2017; Bloomington, IN, USA; Duke Blue Devils center Marques Bolden (20) scrambles for a loose ball against Indiana Hoosiers guard Aljami Durham (1) during the second half at Assembly Hall.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

For the most part, Deadspin is a waste of time and we usually don’t bother. This article about Duke caught our eye though.

Aside from some of the signs that she doesn’t entirely know what she’s talking about (you don’t have to like Coach K to recognize that the man does have a keen sense of humor although he admittedly doesn’t display it during a game very much). And suggesting that Wendell Carter’s shots are ugly is just ignorant, comments made by someone who hasn't watched his footwork or his jump hooks, much less seen him take a three pointer. He’s a highly skilled player who happens to be strong enough to be effective inside. He’s not chained there for life though.

Both comments are just stupid.

It’s still Deadspin which means there’s going to be some Duke bashing and preconceptions, but there are some interesting comments and perceptions so it’s worth your time.

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