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About Those Suspensions...

It’s all academic

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Cameron Crazies
The Cameron Crazies warming up
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Coach K cleared up the questions about suspending freshmen Trevon Duval, Jordan Goldwire and Alex O’ Connell for the exhibition game with Bowie State: it was about getting to class, and on time:

“It was all due to academics, tardiness and missing some classes,” Krzyzewski said. “And that will be corrected right away, but that’s why they are out...These kids have been a pleasure to coach, but a little momentary setback here, you know, it’s like righting the ship. And understanding they’re representing not just themselves and our basketball program, but they’re representing, I think, the greatest university on this planet. And we all have to understand that we all have that honor.”

He sent a message and we expect it’s been received and will be reinforced by their teammates.

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