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Latest DBR Podcast!

More good stuff from the podcast crew

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NCAA Basketball: Portland State at Duke
Nov 23, 2017; Portland, OR, USA; Duke Blue Devils guard Trevon Duval (1) goes up for a basket against Portland State Vikings guard Deontae North (3) during the first half of the PK80 Phil Knight Invitational between the Duke Blue Devils and the Portland State Vikings at Veterans Memorial Coliseum. 
Joseph Weiser-USA TODAY Sports

Here it is, hot off the digital presses.

  • 0:00 Those legal eagles, ByrdCampbell earn our thanks once again.
  • 0:30 Jason is in an unfamiliar place… and so is Sam.
  • 2:40 We recap the Florida game, and Jason begins by asking, “Did you think we would win when we were down by 17 points?”
  • 6:30 Sam says, “Duke looked around and said, ‘Hey, we’re better than this,’” and with that the Blue Devils took control of the game
  • 9:10 We sing the praises of Florida. Donald is really impressed and says Florida will be a contender all season long
  • 9:55 Jason unveils his unified theory of the 2017-18 season… it boils down to one word: Rebounding!
  • 14:10 Donald talks about Marvin Bagley, and we wonder where he ranks among the all-time greats at Duke, freshmen or otherwise.
  • 18:30 Donald brings up ESPN’s “odds of winning the game” silliness. Duke was a decided underdog at times during the tournament.
  • 22:10 Jason brings up some other folks who played well, starting with Wendell Carter, who was great down the stretch against Florida.
  • 25:00 Donald: “It is almost like Jay Bilas got married last night to a woman named Second Jump because he was in love with it…”
  • 26:50 We turn to the Texas game, which Jason says was “The dawn of the Alex O’Connell era”
  • 32:20 Sam discusses the shot chart from the Texas game, and how every shot was made in the paint.
  • 34:50 Donald points out that we lead the nation in points in the paint… and Jason wonders how scary good we will be in a few months when the youngsters mature.
  • 37:55 Jason wonders if we need to lose a game to really learn the lessons we need to be truly great.
  • 40:30 Sam is forced to eat crow over his earlier prediction that Duke would not develop the bench.
  • 50:25 ByrdCampbell is the choice of Dukies in FL and TX for legal advice
  • 51:10 Jason previews the ACC-Big Ten challenge and our mediocre opponent, Indiana
  • 58:15 Sam sidetracks us into a conversation about the amazing Minnesota-Alabama game which turned into an insane 5-on-3 contest… and the 3 almost won!
  • 1:03:20 Jason wants to know how much we should blame Richard Pitino for not being able to coach Minnesota better against the 3-man Alabama team.
  • 1:09:05 We turn to Duke Football and Jason admits he lost faith in this team and they proved him wrong by winning their last 2 games to make it to a bowl game.
  • 1:15:25 Player of the week… which we are re-naming the non-Bagley Player of the Week
  • 1:19:35 Parting Shots – Donald with some love for the Duke women’s soccer team
  • 1:21:15 Parting Shots – Sam congratulates Matt Luke, a Cut disciple, for becoming the new head coach at Ole Miss and then Sam tries to curry favor with noted Duke billionaire David Rubenstein.
  • 1:23:25 Parting Shots – Jason tips his cap to JWill, who was inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame alongside some other legends, some of whom Sam has never heard of!
  • 1:25:30 We want your stories about your earliest basketball memories. Send them to us at
  • 1:28:15 Goodbye and the Duke band plays us home

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