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Bob Harris To Be Honored By The ACC

Duke legend will now be an official ACC legend.

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Duke Blue Devil Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Well this is nice and certainly deserved: retired Duke play-by-play man Bob Harris will be honored by the ACC in December as an ACC legend.

Who could argue? The man did 471 straight football games, some of which were incredibly hard to be positive about, yet maintained a sunny optimism throughout.

It was easier in basketball of course but that had ups-and-downs as well.

We’re thrilled he’s going to be honored. As they say, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Bob is sincerely one of the nicest people you could hope to meet. He tries hard to find something nice to say about everyone

We say usually because there was one notable, beautiful and hilarious exception to that rule and that was an Election Day confrontation with disgraced Durham D.A. Mike Nifong.

We’ve mentioned it before but didn’t think to see if it was on YouTube. Well, it is and it’s worth watching again.

We realize that Bob probably would rather forget it happened but it was one of the very best moments of the Duke lacrosse hoax and the first time anyone really stood up to Nifong and called him, in so many words, a liar - to his face no less.

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