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Tuesday’s Scandal Update

Pitino’s out, Jurich has a pulse and Kelvin Sampson makes a cameo.

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University of Louisville Place Head Coach Rick Pitino And Athletic Director Tom Jurich On Administrative Leave
LOUISVILLE, KY - SEPTEMBER 27: Louisville basketball equipment manager Vinny Tatum and two team managers use a cart to haul boxes out of Rick Pitino's office at the Yum! Practice Facility on September 27, 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky.
Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

In today’s scandal news, Rick Pitino is done at Louisville, but Tom Jurich is making a last stand: a lot of people are sticking up for him including donors and his coaches are supportive as well.

Louisville accuses him of striking the Adidas deal in the dark, (Louisville is rethinking that deal) but that seems kind of like a ploy. The longer it takes to cut him loose the harder it’s going to be.

Over in Lexington, the yokels have been chortling over Louisville’s woes but Mark Story is clever enough to find a way to stick it to UNC too, arguing that if Louisville is to be expelled from the conference (several columnists have suggested it) then UNC should be booted first.

And if that happened, where would the Tar Heels end up?

Why in the SEC, of course.

Well played, Mr. Story. Well played.

Speaking of UNC, there are two words they hate in Chapel Hill now worse than Blue Devils: Dan Kane.

Kane’s latest piece informs us that North Carolina - the state, not the university - still has an active investigation of Marty Blazer. In case you’re losing track, that’s the cooperative witness the FBI has mentioned.

The state may get nothing out of this but remember two things: first, Kane has been pretty deliberate about his investigations, so don’t expect this is the last shoe here.

And second, if congressional hearings do happen, there are going to be lots of questions, under oath, and various people tied to the UNC scandal may be called.

Out in Tucson, Sean Miller is still keeping quite a week later, but folks in town are talking.

You know things have changed when Kelvin Sampson is urging folks to “throw the book” at offenders.

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