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KU, Mizzou Have A Great Idea

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Kansas basketball
Kansas and Missouri are set to put their differences aside for a good cause
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Kansas and Missouri have a storied rivalry called The Border War which pretty much ended when Mizzou moved to the SEC. Kansas hasn’t been interested in continuing it but fan interest remains high. Still, nothing happened until very recently and KU and Mizzou may have accidentally come up with a great idea.

They’re going to resume the rivalry Sunday for charity, specifically for hurricane relief in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

They’ve sold out the Sprint Center in Kansas City and now will televise the game on pay per view.

It’s a great idea, and the NCAA should embrace it fully.

We’ve thought for a long time that a pre-season tournament would be good, maybe a projected Sweet Sixteen tournament to kick things off and to help frame the Big Dance. But this might be better, particularly since it’s raising funds for charity.

Imagine this event with the following rivalries possibly included:

  • Duke-Kentucky
  • Kentucky-UNC
  • Cincinnati-Xavier
  • Syracuse-Georgetown
  • Kansas-Missouri

This year it’s hurricane relief but in other years it could be whatever is most needed.

If nothing else, the NCAA could use some positive coverage for a change and no doubt everyone affected could use the help.

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