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LSU Football May Have Become A Problem For Former Duke A.D. Joe Alleva

Losing at home to Troy is very, very damaging.

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NCAA Basketball: Louisiana State Press Conference
Mar 22, 2017; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; LSU Tigers athletic director Joe Alleva talks to the media prior to introducing new basketball head coach Will Wade (not pictured) during a press conference at the LSU Student Union. 
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

David Cutcliffe will tell you folks in the SEC don't mess around when it comes to football. One bad season and Ole Miss dumped him in a hot minute.

He was hired by Duke when Joe Alleva was still here but with the help of a committee, perhaps because Duke by then was getting tired of bad Alleva hires.

Three come to mind: Carl Franks, Ted Roof and perhaps worst of all baseball coach Bill Hillier, who led Duke baseball into significant scandal.

By some accounts, he also bungled Duke’s relationship with Gail Goestenkors, who did a tremendous job for women’s basketball.

And there’s no point getting into Alleva’s disastrous handling of the lacrosse hoax or his poor boating skills.

When Alleva was hired by LSU, a lot of people around Duke were simultaneously baffled and relieved. He had worn out his welcome even among his more influential friends.

But LSU? Talk about failing upwards.

This past spring, he fired Les Miles and replaced him with Joe Orgeron and it appears that his tradition of poor hires may have continued (in fairness, Will Wade as LSU’s basketball coach may be a home run - we’ll have to wait to see though).

In a nearly unforgivable flop Saturday, LSU lost at home - to Troy.

That’s not supposed to happen at LSU, even in the very worst of times, and the fans are not happy.

No one is.

The question is less whether Orgeron will survive. He could still turn things around and make a solid run and then things would (mostly) be forgiven, if not forgotten. And he’s got a big honking buyout in his contract - thanks to Alleva.

But that’s asking a lot, considering the normal level of SEC competition. And while LSU may be stuck with Orgeron for a while, they can always take the frustration out on the next guy in line.

Small note: not that it matters much in the big scheme of things, but LSU has a minor NCAA issue with men’s and women’s tennis. It wouldn’t normally be a big deal but after last week’s FBI eruption in men’s basketball everything is a big deal - and a potential tool to use against an increasingly unpopular A.D.

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