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Thursday’s Scandal Update

Wednesday was final house cleaning day at Louisville.

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Cleveland State v Louisville
Coach Rick Pitino, left, and A.D. Tom Jurich, right, are no longer employed by the University of Louisville following the most recent scandal of Pitino’s tenure.
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In today’s scandal news, Louisville fired A.D. Tom Jurich Wednesday. Papa John’s founder and Louisville big shot John Schnatter voted to fire Jurich too, saying that the university couldn’t be straightened out until athletics are.

His position didn’t impress Louisville football players, who began tweeting that they didn’t much like Papa John’s anyway in favor of Domino’s.

Another guy tweeted "I'll never eat Papa Johns again."

We can’t find the link now but we saw earlier that with Jurich gone, Bobby Petrino’s buyout was cut in half. That’s certainly interesting.

As for Rick Pitino, he has been subpoenaed by the FBI. He also told Jay Bilas he doesn’t plan to coach again.

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