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Anthony Grundy’s 30s Have Not Gone Well

Former State guard is a good man with a bad problem

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NC State v Virginia X

We were really sorry to see the news about former State star Anthony Grundy’s troubles.

If you missed it, he’s been sentenced to jail for two years for a series of alcohol related offenses, including (he’ll only have to serve less than 11 months) felony habitual impaired driving.

He’s been living out of the country, in Ghana, where he contracted malaria. It’s a largely forgotten disease here and we don’t know much about current treatment, but left untreated, it can hide in your body and recur repeatedly.

It’s good that he’s off the streets and we hope the rehab takes.

His attorney says this about Grundy: “He’s one of the most pleasant young men I have ever met.”

We sat next to him at an event and we have to say we agree. He was incredibly nice, humble and about as normal as a guy could be.

So here’s hoping that’s all behind him and that he gets his life together. He’s just 38. He has a lot of time left to live a great life.

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