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Duke Recruiting: RJ Barrett Close?

It’s always interesting to see a Duke-Kentucky battle from a UK perspective, and from that perspective, things are looking pretty good for Duke.

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FloSports: FloHoops ARS Rescue Rooter National Hoopfest
Jan 21, 2017; Tampa, FL, USA; Montverde Academy's Rowan "RJ" Barrett (5) dunks after a whistle was blown for a foul on Tampa Catholic during the ARS Rescue Rooter National Hoopfest at Berkeley Preparatory School. Montverde Academy defeated Tampa Catholic 94-59. 
Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

Generally speaking, when Kentucky oriented sites start saying that a player is likely to pick Duke, we pay attention.

So it is now with RJ Barrett: A Sea of Blue and the Lexington paper both predict he’ll choose Duke, and soon (links below).

We’ll see. It is fun to consider Duke with Barrett and Cam Reddish, not to mention Tre Jones behind the wheel. That’s a group with massive potential on both ends of the court.

That would probably put Duke out of it with Zion Williamson, but Clemson apparently remains a serious option.

Williamson, by the way, was in Lawrence for Saturday’s Late Night in the Phog.

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