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Sunday’s Scandal News

As the shock wears off, emotions are shifting

Santa Clara v Gonzaga Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As the shock of the scandal wears off, there are signs that the attitude in Louisville is changing quickly.

First, check out this article by Tim Sullivan. The last article we saw by him talked about how not cleaning house sent the wrong signal.


Sullivan says that the FBI shouldn’t be enforcing the NCAA rulebook (with all due respect, wire fraud and tax evasion are not issues the NCAA is equipped to deal with).

Then during the Cardinal football game against Murray State, the basketball team (minus Brian Bowen) got a 90 second ovation.

That’s understandable on one level but with so much still not understood, that could be a bit premature.

During Wednesday’s ACC teleconference, Bobby Petrino came out forcefully for A.D. Tom Jurich, saying he hoped he’d be back and how much he respected him: “I can’t say enough about what he’s meant to me and my family. Besides being my boss, he’s a real close friend, so we’re hoping he’ll be back.”

After Saturday’s game, he changed his tune slightly but noticeably. From the Courier-Journal: “Asked if the dismissal of the man who hired him twice would change his outlook at Louisville, Petrino said he hadn’t thought about it.

“‘What I’m focused on is our football team,’ Petrino said. ‘I love our football team. I love the university. I love the city of Louisville. We’ve made plans to stay here and spend the rest of our career here. Right now, what we’ve got to do is focus on this game Thursday night and get ready for that.”

Jay Bilas is already on record as strongly endorsing Sean Miller’s character; now you can add Dick Vitale to the list of Miller supporters.

In Tucson, Greg Hansen, for our money the worst columnist in America, suggests Arizona should go ahead and self-impose probation.

Finally, here’s a pretty human reaction from a dad of a former Louisville player.