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ACC Roundup

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NCAA Basketball: ACC conference tournament-Georgia Tech vs Clemson Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In Thursday’s only game, UNC didn’t have very much trouble with Virginia Tech, winning 91-72.

UNC had an obvious size advantage vs. the Hokies and exploited it well, almost doubling Virginia Tech on the boards, 43-22, and 4-19 on the offensive end.

Only Seth Allen and Chris Clarke were credited with an offensive rebound for the Hokies.

Kennedy Meeks got seven.

There are ways to beat a bigger team. You can outrun them, you can press them, you can rain down threes.

None of them happened. UNC obviously outscored Virginia Tech, but they also had less turnovers (7 vs. 10) and hit more threes (14-9).

There aren’t a lot of options left. Free throws?

Well, the Hokies did win that battle 11-5 but that’s not enough.

It’s a busy weekend but here’s one to think about: Clemson goes to Pitt. Pitt appears to be falling apart while Clemson has been losing but showing a lot of resilience anyway. Both teams are at the bottom.

Logic says Clemson, but ACC logic says...Pitt pulls it together long enough to extend Clemson’s suffering.

We made the argument recently that the ACC is the best league now in football and basketball. Ron Morris extends the argument.

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