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ACC Roundup

It’s a slow news day but here’s what we have

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NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Duke
Jan 23, 2017; Durham, NC, USA; North Carolina State Wolfpack guard Terry Henderson (3) blocks the shot of Duke Blue Devils guard Luke Kennard (5) in the first half at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

There’s not a whole lot of ACC news currently but we’ll do what we can.

In Syracuse, rebounding issues have become a major factor and now offensive rebounds are a problem too.

Notre Dame has made a huge impression since joining the ACC. The one nut they can't yet crack?


The Irish get another chance Tuesday night.

Kevin Stallings has had a rough transition at Pitt. So how do you deal with the erratic play?

Shift blame of course: “Right now, my assessment is the only thing it feels like they’ve bought into 100 percent is freedom on offense. Well, anybody could buy into that. That’s not a hard thing to buy into. That’s just human nature. Of course I would like to have freedom on offense. I haven’t gotten them to buy into the way we have to play defensively. I haven’t gotten them to buy into the way we need to communicate, the way we need to support each other, the way we have to fight when adversity hits. I haven’t been able to get them to do a number of other things yet the way they have to be done with what we have, with the makeup of our team in this league. That part has been a little frustrating.”

And if that’s not enough, then blame your predecessor:

“I think what I probably overestimated would be the value of that experience and how it would pertain to leadership and how it would pertain to bringing other guys along. The successful programs I’ve been in and the teams I’ve had and the programs I’ve had, the older guys helped coach the younger guys because they had been through it. That doesn’t happen too much [here] right now.

“The idea in any program is the older guys — especially if they’re the better ones, which they are in our program right now — reach out to their teammates and help bring those guys along and help make those guys better. That part has been a little bit of a disappointment because there’s not a ton of that that goes on. You talk to guys about being more outward and making guys better. That’s just not in their nature. It’s not how they’ve been used to doing things, apparently.”

For those of you who don’t know, Pitt’s Jamel Artis has a twin, Jamaal, and Jamaal’s life took a pretty different turn. It’s a sad but compelling story.

Clemson’s Brad Brownell isn’t very happy with his team either.

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